Business Advisory

Business setup company in Dubai


1. Business Negotiations

Disputes and problems are common between partners or Directors, Customers or Vendors, Employees or other stakeholders.

Sometimes it goes beyond the normality and ends up in a total loss for the company and stakeholders Our expertise in negotiations can help you to close settle big disputes and close stiff deals and come out with a Win-Win for all

2. Partner Search

Sometimes you have a good business idea but lack the support of an understanding Investor.

Contrary, you have good money with you but need a trustworthy business to invest your lifelong savings and get a reasonable return.

Our networking channels and associations with reliable people have empowered us with a collection of startups and Venture Capitalists that can be put to use on agreeable terms.


3. Business Set up

We assist you in establishing your dream company anywhere in the UAE. We manage the entire process from identifying an ideal sponsor, location as per your requirements, and key service providers/contractors, to procuring necessary clearances from government bodies i.e. Civil Defence, Dubai Municipality, Federal tax Authority, etc.