Tax consulting in Dubai


1. Planning and Advisory

We monitor the overall tax strategy keeping in view the changing dynamics of UAE tax legislation.

We advise on setting up tax-efficient holding structures, and business models that mitigate the risk of unwanted tax loss and improve cash flows by making the best use of Tax inputs.

2. Expatriates and HNI’s

Individual tax planning in your respective country is often causing great tensions for expatriates planning to invest in their home country due to a lack of knowledge of various Income tax laws.

Our sister companies in India and the Middle East can offer you the best solution as per your requirements. We can take care of your personal taxation.

3. Economic Substance Regulation (ESR) Assessment and compliance

We review the transactions of your company and advise you about the applicability of ESR regulations to your company.

If applicable, we help you prepare the compliance manual and update you with filing due dates as the penal provisions in ESR regulations are very huge.


4. VAT- registration and filing

We assist you in obtaining TRN at minimal time. Give us the VAT assignment and leave the rest to us as we will take all details from you and file the returns on a due basis so that you are relieved from the unnecessary burden of tax late fines and penalties.

5. VAT reconsideration

Mistakes are common in VAT returns but there should be a solution. Our efficient team of tax experts who are well versed in the Arabic language can submit reconsideration forms and can appear before FTA authorities in cases involving genuine mistakes and resolve your heavy fines.